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Sustainable Innovation Podcast Series
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Listen to conversations with innovation practitioners from global organizations to gain pragmatic advice and best practices for turning 'innovation' into a strategic, reliable tool for your enterprise.

Featured Podcast:

Featuring: Vincent Lyons, VP, Product Development & President, Machinery & Technology Group
Hosted by: Jim Todhunter, Chief Technology Officer, Invention Machine

This discussion focuses on innovation deployment challenges, strategies for developing innovation as a value driving core competency and how these strategies are being implemented at Leggett & Platt. Lyons also discusses the creation of Leggett & Platt’s Innovation Design Engineering Acceleration (IDEA) program that has helped the company create innovative products at an accelerated pace, including the world’s first semi-fold box spring.


Episode I:
Universal challenges of innovation deployment.

Episode II:
Strategies for developing innovation as a value driving
core competency.

Episode III
Innovation strategies being pursued at Leggett & Platt

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