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Front End of Innovation Europe
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A leading provider of innovation software, Invention Machine drives sustainable innovation by enabling global organizations to consistently generate breakthrough ideas that accelerate product development.  Invention Machine Goldfire empowers engineers and scientists to conceive and validate right ideas the first time, so they can quickly and easily deliver market leading products.

Global 2000 manufacturers in more than 25 countries rely on Invention Machine for product innovation, process improvement and market expansion. Its unique software fuels sustainable innovation across numerous industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer technology, energy and environment and life sciences.

Companies are using Invention Machine Goldfire to:
  • Conceive of more and better product concepts
  • Create more competitively differentiated products
  • Solve technical problems faster
  • Develop new market opportunities
  • Boost top-line revenues
  • Capture & re-use subject matter expertise
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