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"Goldfire Innovator provides a problem-solving workbench that should be no more than a click away from the desktop of every product development engineer serious about improving their problem-solving competency.
– Ventana Research
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FACT SHEET: Invention Machine Goldfire

Product Overview
Invention Machine Goldfire™, software for sustainable innovation, empowers engineers and scientists to conceive and validate the right ideas the first time, so they can quickly and easily deliver market leading products. Only Goldfire brings repeatability and uniformity to the product innovation process. Powered by Invention Machine’s unique semantic research technology, Goldfire provides unprecedented access to proven scientific methodology and patent information, delivering precise and relevant information from various industries that help generate new ideas. This leads to accelerated product development and solves engineering challenges while eliminating risks associated with product innovation and new market entry. In short, Goldfire puts the right information in the right hands at the right time, fueling repeatable and sustainable innovation.
Product Highlights
  • Invention Machine Goldfire’s integration of a problem analysis workbench with a patented semantic knowledge technology inspires creative thinking and extracts relevant concepts that generate breakthrough ideas. The innovation software stimulates thinking outside one’s core discipline or area of expertise.
  • Embedded within the software are proven methods such as Value Engineering, Root Cause Analysis, Failure Mode, Effects Analysis (FMEA) and TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).
  • Invention Machine Goldfire houses thousands of scientific concepts, the largest of its kind – uniquely organized for engineers and scientists.
  • Semantic indexing of internal corporate documents and knowledge banks lets users leverage corporate wisdom. It accommodates more than 250 document types, personal data, private and shared drives, e-mail, Internet content, and deep web links.
  • Goldfire, powered by Invention Machine’s semantic research engine, is a patented technology that understands the precise, functional meaning of sentences in multiple languages and delivers rich, relevant information.
  • Customizable wizards help users define problems and opportunities, and then formulate creative solutions and strategies. They provide a common language for analyzing design intent and prioritizing solutions.
  • The software answers questions, identifies solutions, and generates ideas with precise access to relevant data. An intuitive natural language query interface supports English, German, French, and Japanese queries.
  • Analytic tools examine patent activity for a technology, company, or inventor to validate ideas, research evolving markets, and track competitive directions.
What’s New in Goldfire 4.5
This latest release builds upon Invention Machine’s unique innovation platform, and includes expanded and  enhanced capabilities to meet market demand and customer requirements. Highlights include:
  • Risk Analysis: Three new, industry-specific templates extend and strengthen the software’s risk analysis capabilities, making it easier to customize the built-in templates to meet company-specific workflows. Key industry templates include automotive, energy, chemical and defense.
  • Multi-lingual support: Invention Machine Goldfire 4.5 includes expanded multi-lingual capabilities with automated support for researching and generating ideas from French and German content to meet the needs of its global customers.
  • Other enhancements: 600-1,000 percent improvements in search performance and other administrative upgrades.

Practical Applications
A key player in the product life cycle management (PLM) industry, Invention Machine’s unique software is fueling sustainable innovation across numerous industries including, aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer technology, energy, and environment and life sciences. Global 2000 manufacturers in more than 25 countries rely on Invention Machine to fuel their product innovation program, accelerate process improvement, and market expansion.

About Invention Machine
A leading provider of innovation software, Invention Machine drives sustainable innovation by empowering companies to consistently generate breakthrough ideas that accelerate product development.  For additional information, please visit invention-machine.com.


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